Tuesday, December 13, 2011

“Heath Who,” Gillian Scharf

“Heath Who”
Gillian Scharf

Heath, who builds legos to the sky
and asks who will hug him
who is sticks and twigs
who is calluses and protein shakes
whose hair is made of hay
is too distracted to come down today
who tells me he loves me
who tells me he misses me
whose big eyes are marbles
can't come play
stays in his room all night and day
is busy, shut the door
we feel like he doesn't live here anymore
is hiding so we won't see him there,
but his voice reminds us he's everywhere
is soft things, weapons and tan crocs
who laughs up and down, up and down,
and down again
is the constant that keeps a smile on my face
asking who will hug him?
Who will hug him, who?

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