Monday, December 12, 2011

Two poems, William Ivey


“The Most Important Book”
William Ivey

Delicate with his text, as
Every man his age should. With his friends
Apprehension the ditch digger,
Tension the bridge burner,
He scans, trying to remember.

Its pages are worn, colored
Some torn with age.

Instinctively trying to recapture the entire plot, but
Never able to discern chapter from chapter
Everything one blurred character.
Venturing deep to rediscover rope swings or globe-trotting
Instead returning with stories he had long since forgotten.
Time the only limitation he must confront.
Amazing themes to share of love and hope
But even if his story is one of multitudes written
Lengthy paragraphs await his touch. He has
Earned the right.


Preface: Reaction to Occupy Wall-Street movement.

“Trying to Occupy Wall-Street”
William Ivey

Sitting in streets; fire-breaks among police
Stabbing the sky with signs of 99 percent
“The kindling of corrupt corporations,
Minor sanctions and violations must be ousted!”
But, the billion dollar bonuses
Private jets and pricy Jags are just
A dime a dozen in a dollar industry.

As dusk descends upon the rioters
Yawning and red eyes lurk
Jackets emerge as breath becomes visible smog.
Murmurs of retreating back to warm homes
Spread like wildfire among wooden hearts.
Feeling accomplished for day, but acknowledging
The lights of Wall Street never extinguish.

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